In Productivity By Ziemek 05 February 2016 Ziemek

The 15 minute habit that could change your life

Want to be more physically fit, learning something new or saving more money? It is all within reach. Investing a limited amount of time each day and focusing on consistency over quantity can help get you there.

What can 15 minutes a day do for you? What would happen if you focused on doing just a little each day? If you just invest that little bit of time, that could end up being 91 hours a year. Pretty amazing!

Don’t have 15 minutes that day, I understand. Can you spare 10 minutes or even 5? The whole point is to tick that day off. Even if that little bit was forced, but you managed to get it done, that is still a tremendous success.

If you spend 15 minutes a day on a treadmill, that’s a total of 91 hours a year. On a decent treadmill, 15 minutes is enough to work up a sweat. Even if it’s not sufficient to have a huge benefit, in terms of cardiovascular, you still get an endorphin rush. You start to have a positive outlook on the day. That positive outlook might be enough to push through those difficult days and bring you to new heights on the great days. Do you see how this small change could impact you physically, emotionally and mentally for the better?

How many books do you think you can read in a year? According to, you can read a 300-page book in 6 hours, but let’s say you read slowly. Let’s say it takes you 12 hours. That’s seven books a year. That’s one book every two months. How much more would you know about the world, if you only read seven books a year? How would your life change?

With your budget, you can see where you can save money, cut spending or perhaps investing in a new skill that could lead to a better job. How much more wealthy would you be, if you focus on consistency?

Do you see where this is going? Consistency trumps quantity. Focusing on small wins has helped me to change my life and now you can start to change yours. What’s your goal for this year, and what will you do with your 15 minutes a day?